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BIM Africa recognizes the talents and efforts of
leading industry professionals and organizations in
the construction sector going above and beyond to
deploy innovative solutions towards Africa's Development.

Meet the Judges

Rahel Shawl
Rahel Shawl

Founder and Director, Raas Architects

Samer El Sayary
Samer El Sayary

Assistant Professor of Architecture, Alexandria University.

Dahbia Medahi
Dahbia Meddahi

Foundatrice, IPFIG Innovations Technologiques

zulfilkar Adamu
Dr Zulfilkar Adamu

Associate Professor, London South Bank University.

Issam El-Absi
Issam El-Absi


Ibrahim Atta-Apau
Ibrahim Atta-Apau

Director, Atkins Acuity

Mohammed El Yamani
Mohammed El Yamani

Projects Director, Kemet Corporation

Dr Noha Saleeb
Dr Noha Saleeb

Associate Professor, Middlesex University.

Kamal Ben Addou Idrissi
Kamal Ben Addou Idrissi


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Supporting Organisations

The Innovation Awards 2021 is made possible exclusively by BIM Africa. The plaque design was provided generously by ATO Studios.

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Rewarding Excellence in
the Construction Sector

Nominate Individuals going above and beyond to deploy
innovative solutions in the African built environment.

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